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The two near identical hedgehogs stared at each other. Shadow was the first to break the silence.

“Mephiles?” Shadow asked in doubt but relaxed as his ruby eyes spotted the broken crystal. The reptile eyes seemed to glee when his name was spoken. Sonic on the other hand backed away, he didn’t want to get the vampires attention any further. Although he wasn’t too sure if this so called “Mephiles” was one.

“Indeed Shadow, we have a lot to catch up…” The reptile eyed hedgehog stopped and scratched his muzzle.

“Like a few millennium.” He chuckled darkly before he literally threw himself to the bed landing softly on his back. Shadow frowned at his behavior. He did NOT like the fact that his brother just took the liberty to mess up his nest. But he remained quiet and nodded.
“Perhaps you should put your pet I don’t know…in a more isolated location?” Mephiles pointed out as his eyes focused on the blue hero. Sonic froze as he got the princes unwanted attention. Shadow gritted his teeth slightly revealing the fangs behind his lips.

“You think that’s necessary?” Shadow asked before he crossed his arms. Sonic frowned as he was kept in the dark. But he knew the vampire prince wouldn’t tell him anything unless it was very necessary. But then again… their conversations have been anything but pleasant so far with his stay.

So in all truth..Sonic didn’t like having any discussion with the dark hog that potentially could suck his blood dry.

“That depends.” Mephiles chuckled and sat up and tightly clenched his fists.
“Depends on what?” Shadow raised his eye ridge as the elder hedgehog started laughing. It sent shivers down Sonics spine. It was this type of laugh you hear in horror movies, almost unnatural.

“Our father of course. You know what I am speaking of” Mephiles hinted and it took a while before Shadow puzzled it together before he nodded.

“But you could always try to block it out. Although I do not recommend letting a blood donator have any information of the sort, they are not reliable. ” His voice turned maliciously that would convince no one that the demon had good intentions.  

However Sonic wanted to hear what the evil beings were planning even if he was unable to stop them. He wished to know nevertheless his helpless position. This in turn could very likely be his death.

“No need it’s hard enough to keep this quietly….Which reminds me, can I even trust you?” Mephiles would have smirked if he could. The question didn’t come as a surprise, he wasn’t known to “Team up” so to speak. Perhaps manipulate a bunch of people ordering them what to do. But that’s as far as the demon would consider a team.

“Have I given off the image of distrust brother?” A long silence filled the room until Shadow shakes his head. His eyes reflected signs of doubt though, who could blame him. First of Mephiles didn’t appear as… honest loyal kind of person. Plus Shadow didn’t like to feel exposed to another being. In a way of sharing thoughts ideas or plans he had so far kept to himself.

Shadow gritted his fangs in frustration whenever or not to put trust in the elder brother of his. But he felt limited to speak of the matter because of a certain hedgehog. His eyes darted to Sonic with a hard glare. The hero of Mobius flinched and didn’t have time to react before Shadow got a tight grip of his arm.

“What the hell!?” Sonic growled as he almost felt like his bones was getting crushed. The vampire prince didn’t show any sympathy of the others distress.

“Mephiles I think it’s better you stay here while I take care of things…And another thing.” The gray ears perked alert in curiosity. Especially when Shadows voice turned deep perhaps even threatening.

“He is mine so don’t you dare touch my property without permission!” Shadow growled before they disappear in a chaos control. Mephiles remained on the bed shaking but couldn’t keep it down anymore and started to laugh.

First thing that hit Sonic was the brick floor against his muzzle. Either the chaos control made him crash-land to the ground or the prince decided to throw him off. Either way didn’t like it!

It took a while for him to progress but soon recognized the location. He sat up quickly in fear as the smell of blood hit his muzzle, the torture chamber! What could he have possibly done to deserve such grim punishment?

Shadow was standing above the fallen hero eyeing him. They were alone in the chamber surprisingly, but hadn’t been too long ago filled with mortals. Blood was trailing down several items that were hanging on the walls. The smell of blood tears and sweat was hard to ignore.

Sonic shiver as his emerald eyes spots an arm without its owner. He didn’t want to know how this person fate had occurred. But a twisted feeling of guilt hit his gut like never before. Sonic got up on his feet and tried to keep his defenses to maximum awaiting Shadow to make a move.

He is under the same roof as the mortals that went through such torture without lifting a finger. Sonic couldn’t help but think it was partly his fault this happened. He was supposed to be the hero! His duty and purpose in life to use all his power to save everyone!

But here he is standing just in the same mercy as the rest and couldn’t do a thing about it. Either Shadow was thinking about how his creative mind could put pain through his rival, or other unknown intentions.

A smirk displayed on the tan muzzle as Sonic was growing more uncomfortable.
“It’s easy to make you uneasy faker.”
“Easy!? We are in a torture chamber with sharp tools you vampires call toys!” Sonic gritted his teeth and half expected Shadow to attack. One thing the vampire prince had to be sure about, Sonic would not go down without a fight.

“Oh you think I will use these items?” Shadow looked around while keeping a close eye on his rival, just in case he decided to run off.  The vampire chuckled in amusement before he shakes his head.
“Well I suppose it’s a bit unpleasant for a mortal.”
“Exactly! And in the company of you out of all vampires! Don’t think I forgot about the bath before!”

Shadow flinched at the comment before he frowned. He didn’t enjoyed putting Sonic through that, but to bring that up would make things complicated. Especially when Black doom was now doubting his loyalty.

The prince didn’t want to share the true reasons about the ordeal. That would bring hope to the hero, also make him wish to take part of it. The less Sonic know the better…

“I would expect nothing less.” He replied before searching through the torture chamber. Shadow quickly found what he was looking for and didn’t hide it from the other. A pair of cuffs with thick chains, that actually wasn’t covered in blood it even looked new.
“I got these designed especially for you…Just in case you became.” Shadow stopped and scanned the other hog that was in fighting stance.
“Difficult.” He ended and approached his blood donator.

“I knew it! Liar here I almost thought you were better than the rest.” Sonic yelled and charged at the prince. The vampire dodged the slow punches that aimed for him. The hero’s speed and strength was greatly decreased with the weighting attire on him.
It was almost sad to see him in such pathetic state yet challenge the dangerous prince. Shadow didn’t allow it to go on for long. Even though it amused him it also hurt him. He didn’t expect his rival to trust him in any way. But to think he was like a low rank vampire was an insult.

“Enough!” Shadow growled and grabbed his left arm tightly and twisted it into an unnatural angle. Sonic gasped in pain and tried his hardest to remain unaffected. He suddenly got blinded by a light before he could even utter a word or let alone punch the other.

A chaos control confirmed and it almost made the hero feel less threatening as they appeared in a different room. Sonic yelped as Shadow roughly yanked him forward before he could get a better look on his surroundings.  

Sonic could hear the sound of “click” on his wrist and finally found out that he was now chained to a damn bed! One second torture chamber now in mercy of Shadow in a bed!
“What!? So this is supposed to be any better?! Rape!?” Sonic growled and got a quick slap on his muzzle. The hero bit his lower lip and tried to get a better view of the other. Shadow was sitting on top of him wearing the ugliest grimace.

“You may be an attractive hedgehog faker! But that doesn’t mean I will rape you! I thought you do be more comfortable being chained on a bed rather than chair or wall for that matter! But I will keep in mind that gratitude is not appreciated.”

Sonic felt loss of words when Shadow had meant no harm other than the slap of course. His emerald eyes stared into the ruby orbs to see any hint of lies. But he couldn’t detect any of the sorts. Sonic almost felt ashamed for assuming it.
However Shadow hadn’t been far off the topic to begin with in the past. So he couldn’t be blamed for his mistake.

“So you are not going to ra-“
“No! And on the bright side you will now have some thoughts of that to keep you occupied faker. So In the meanwhile enjoy your stay.” Shadow said and got off the other trying the hardest to not deliver another hit. He felt insulted to the highest grade.

“WAIT!” Sonic yelled as Shadow got out of the bed. The prince didn’t expect Sonic to wish him to stay any longer, in fact it surprised him. The vampire got up on his feet before he turned around giving another curious look.
Sonic was still a bit shaken and undoubtable confused. Even the slap didn’t give off as a bad impression.

“You think I am attractive?” Shadow froze and felt his muzzle suddenly get warm. Curious eyes scanned his feature making it all worse. Shadows mind yelled in frustration as his senses didn’t cooperate.

“Interesting, could it be that Shadow has a crush on me?” Sonic smirked playfully although he didn’t believe that was the case. But to see the vampire so uncomfortable was a nice change.

“Nonsense!” Shadow defended quickly. Sonic hummed and didn’t wish to waste the opportunity but pushed the matter. Of course he had no idea that he was on the right track.

“Oh really?” Sonic mused intending to keep this unusual conversation that he with ease dominated. Although he shouldn’t, considering being chained up and all. Shadow knew all too well that Sonic was playing around but it hit goal.
The prince had been unsure what he felt of the other. Indeed he was attracted to him but…was that really it? Shadow shakes his head to clear his mind with little success.
“Shut up faker.” Was the last thing he said before he teleported. Yet again leaving another hedgehog laughing on the bed.
Bloody Love ch 13
Had posted it on fanfic not long ago so i thought i should do it here too.
Chapter 12:…
Chapter 13: This
Chapter 14: sooner or later
I don't know about you guys but I sure became disappointed with the trailer of Sonic lost world. What it looks like is a Mario galaxy/spyro the dragon (N64) smashed together game. And then Spyro was good in its time but this is just embarrassing.
fans after fans complain on each game that have been made since Sonic adventure games, which obviously carry most of the fans. Everyone wants a new adventure game, when you can be more than just one character. Even the Sega mega drive old ones offer you that ability to be Sonic,knuckles and tails. They are talking a lot about that the games have been losing the main focus on Sonic and therefore doing games that you only can be him. It feel so limited and trapped when its so much lack of character in a 3D platform game and mix to much 2D with it just makes it worse. I had Sega mega drive sonic 1 and 2 I just loved the idea of co operation game system, even though tails was always disappearing from the screen when he wasn't following sonic hehe XD

I also had a sonic demo on Sonic 3D Blast  later on, and Sonic lost world reminds me of it....and I HATED the game. It was so trapped and you was only supposed to collect flickys to a ring or whatever to save them. It would NOT surprise me if Sonic lost worlds is like a new version of Sonic 3D blast considering the flickies shown and lame enemies.
This time this trailer just looks like giving sonic a excuse to run....seriously...

It said something about Dr eggman was going to co operate with sonic to stop these stupid looking creature to destroy the planet....I am not sure if you can trust wiki but it says The game was announced as part of an exclusive partnership between Sega and Nintendo for the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Well then if that's the case why not make a sonic adventure game that was in fact introduced on Nintendo (well dreamcast as well but you get my point) Instead they make this game which they put probably a lot of effort to make and most likely will get bad reviews, or be fit for children. And if I don't remember correctly they said they would make a sonic game for fans they already have instead of fans they don't. And I DOUBT any fans of sonic was asking for this game.
Of course you cant judge the game from the trailer, but I got zero interest in the game itself by the trailer.
Sonic games is just getting faster and faster you are just running through the stage with little effort and easily getting rank S or A. They even put targets on the enemies now and it just makes it less interesting, it was much more alive as you could feel in when to spin dash and not get a target. Then, I am talking about Adventure games and older ones, its to easy now and when its hard its because of the crappy controllers that makes it hard. The worst game is probably sonic secret rings......

They only game that have been close enough to adventure is Sonic the hedgehog 06 which got bad reviews, but its the most promising game I have seen so far.
The creators of the new sonic games must look back on the games that actually got good reviews instead of hoping that the game they release will work.
Sonic is the fastest thing alive compared to what? there are pretty much no other characters on the game.
Still waiting for adventure game...guess that will take a while.
These are my opinions so don't be out raged if I insulted your fav game or anything, but I would like to hear you comment about this new game Sonic lost world and if you haven't seen it then here is the link:…


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