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I don't know about you guys but I sure became disappointed with the trailer of Sonic lost world. What it looks like is a Mario galaxy/spyro the dragon (N64) smashed together game. And then Spyro was good in its time but this is just embarrassing.
fans after fans complain on each game that have been made since Sonic adventure games, which obviously carry most of the fans. Everyone wants a new adventure game, when you can be more than just one character. Even the Sega mega drive old ones offer you that ability to be Sonic,knuckles and tails. They are talking a lot about that the games have been losing the main focus on Sonic and therefore doing games that you only can be him. It feel so limited and trapped when its so much lack of character in a 3D platform game and mix to much 2D with it just makes it worse. I had Sega mega drive sonic 1 and 2 I just loved the idea of co operation game system, even though tails was always disappearing from the screen when he wasn't following sonic hehe XD

I also had a sonic demo on Sonic 3D Blast  later on, and Sonic lost world reminds me of it....and I HATED the game. It was so trapped and you was only supposed to collect flickys to a ring or whatever to save them. It would NOT surprise me if Sonic lost worlds is like a new version of Sonic 3D blast considering the flickies shown and lame enemies.
This time this trailer just looks like giving sonic a excuse to run....seriously...

It said something about Dr eggman was going to co operate with sonic to stop these stupid looking creature to destroy the planet....I am not sure if you can trust wiki but it says The game was announced as part of an exclusive partnership between Sega and Nintendo for the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Well then if that's the case why not make a sonic adventure game that was in fact introduced on Nintendo (well dreamcast as well but you get my point) Instead they make this game which they put probably a lot of effort to make and most likely will get bad reviews, or be fit for children. And if I don't remember correctly they said they would make a sonic game for fans they already have instead of fans they don't. And I DOUBT any fans of sonic was asking for this game.
Of course you cant judge the game from the trailer, but I got zero interest in the game itself by the trailer.
Sonic games is just getting faster and faster you are just running through the stage with little effort and easily getting rank S or A. They even put targets on the enemies now and it just makes it less interesting, it was much more alive as you could feel in when to spin dash and not get a target. Then, I am talking about Adventure games and older ones, its to easy now and when its hard its because of the crappy controllers that makes it hard. The worst game is probably sonic secret rings......

They only game that have been close enough to adventure is Sonic the hedgehog 06 which got bad reviews, but its the most promising game I have seen so far.
The creators of the new sonic games must look back on the games that actually got good reviews instead of hoping that the game they release will work.
Sonic is the fastest thing alive compared to what? there are pretty much no other characters on the game.
Still waiting for adventure game...guess that will take a while.
These are my opinions so don't be out raged if I insulted your fav game or anything, but I would like to hear you comment about this new game Sonic lost world and if you haven't seen it then here is the link:…


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